Price List of products available at KVK

Cost of seedlings/organic inputs at KVK as approved by GRI(DTBU)

Sl.NoMaterial and QuantityCost (Rs.)
1.Mango Grafts – Approach grafting70
2.Mango – Epicotyl grafting50
3.Guava layers50
4.Red Guava layers60
5.Pomegranate layers30
6.Acid lime layers30
7.Rose, Jasmine & ornamental cuttings (big bags)30
8.Rose, Jasmine & ornamental cuttings (small bags)20
9.Papaya seedlings20
10.IIHR vegetable special (1kg Bags)150
11.Trichoderma viride (1Kg bag)125
12.Pseudomonas fluroscens (1Kg bag)125
13.Baevaria bassiana (1Kg bag)150
14.Metarhizium anisoplea (1Kg bag)150
15.Azospirillum (1Kg bag)75
16.Phospho bacteria (1Kg bag)75
17.Rhizhobium (1Kg bag)75
18.AM (1Kg bag)75
19.Vermicompost (1Kg bags)6